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Adelaide Metro public transport timetables, but allows you to only download the timetables that you need.

An app that tells you about bike sharing networks - locations of bike docks and number available. Covers Brisbane and Melbourne plus plenty of other cities over the world.
Published by Gramercy Software

A public transport information app for Brisbane that uses Google Maps and GPS to let you know where your stop is and how long till you get there. Covers Translink, bus, train and ferry stops across Brisbane and includes text to speech options and high contracts icons for those who are colorblind.
Published by Exotime

Live traffic cameras across Australia - over 85 locations, 450+ cameras.
Published by


Locate and find parks closet to your desintation in Perth. Includes live parking bay availability, this app is provided by the City of Perth and also includes information about discounts and news. Requires GPS for some features.
Published by City of Perth Parking

An app that lets your manage your South Australian vehicle registration. Lets you pay and renew your registration and check the registration status of any vehicle registered in South Australia.

A bus timetable app for the nation's capital (yes Canberra). Allows you to cache timetables for offline use. Includes a journey planner, trip time calculator and lets you find alternative services between stops. Allows you to filter stops by name. Ad supported version that has a limit on the number of favourite routes / trips that can be saved.
Published by Colin Thompson

An app for Bus, Ferry and Traing timetables for Perth. This free app is ad supported, but allows you to get public transport information so you can get to your destination. Find stops near your location, display the routes of all services departing from those stops, and find out what the stop times are.
Published by Colin Thompson

Public transport information - bus, train, ferry for Sydney
Published by Yuliang Shan

Taxi booking app for the Gold Coast area. Ideal for visitors or locals, you can book a taxi based on your current location or entering a pick up address. Configure a favourites list or specify criteria such as wheelchair accessible taxis. Includes a fare estimator and also booking status checking.
Published by 13CABS

An app that lets you pay for parking with your phone - if parking within the appropriate places in Western Australia and Queensland. iPark.
Published by Teltech

An app for recording L Plate hours driven for NSW Learner Drivers - although likely applicable for most other Australian states. Utilises GPS in the phone to record where you drove and when. Caters for when the supervising driver is a professional instructor so that the hours are tripled (up to a maxium of 10 hours). Instructors can record notes while you are driving.

Over 104 live traffic cameras for Queensland - includes Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville and more.
Published by RoarApps

Live traffic cameras for Sydney.
Published by RoarApps

This taxi booking app originated on the iPhone but of course you've got a superior phone and want it on your Android. Book taxis directly from your phone for Sydney Metropolitan and Newcastle area.

Scheduled transit information for TransPerth in Perth. Figure out transport options based on your location
Published by BusBrothers

This app is for cycling but lets you find the safest route to navigate if you're on the pedal power. Covers many world cities but includes coverage of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.
Published by Ride the City

This app will help you maintain a safe speed while driving. It pulls in the latest speed limits, cameras, school zones and other hazard data. Using the device's location it can determine your speed and alert you to speed limit changes and when you're going over.

Get warnings when approaching speed cameras. Works offline, weekly updates.
Published by Reception IT

A public transport service guide for Adelaide and Perth. Bus, trail and other timetables. See upcoming arrivals in the next 12 hours, and set alarms to be reminded of arrivals.
Published by Quantics Limited

This app provides information about the Cairns Sunbus. It tells you about fare information, let's you hail the bus and provides suburb / zone reference maps. Choose the bus number, watch it on the map.
Published by CJ App Productions

Official Swan Taxis App for booking taxis. Can use your GPS location to determine pickup location. Place bookings, estimate fare costs and receive notifications when your tax is nearby.
Published by ASC Software

Public transport information and planning app for Queensland Translink users. You can quickly search for Translink information with this app. Save location and trip information. Use contact lists for location informations, keep track of the last 5 searches you've made and adjust fonts.
Published by Gunslinger

Offline timetable app for Adelaide Metro Buses, Trams and Trains.
Published by TripMate

Offline timetable app for TransPerth, Trans Busselton, Trans Geraldton & Bunbury City Buses, Trains and Ferry
Published by TripMate

The service that is disrupting the taxi industry around the world, Uber has hit Sydney and is now available in Australia. Use this App to order a ride, make a cashless payment and check the progress of your ride.