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This app lets you report problems you find within Adelaide such as potholes, graffiti, faulty street lights straight to the Council. Like NeatStreets but just for Adelaide. Not sure if it allows you report "People keep calling it Radelaide ironically" as a problem though.
Published by CitySourced

This app lets you monitor your Sierra Wireless AirCard Mobile Hotspot - mostly the Tesltra Wi-Fi hotspot devices are Sierra Wireless. The app lets you monitor the connection, check settings and monitor data usage from the phone itself. You can track usage and more.
Published by Sierra Wireless

Official app of the South Australian Country Fire Service - CFS. Allows users to stay informed about fire activity and incidents in their area, as well as assessing their own preparedness for bushfire. Interactive maps that show all current CFS incidents and information about prescribed burns and fire ban information.

Find out what is happening in the electrical industry in Canberra and Australia, and also ways that Canberra based Dovelle Projects can help information technology, electrical, data and telecommunications issues.
Published by Dovelle Projects

A national version of the popular Fires Near Me NSW app. The app presents information on bushfires for the participating fire agencies in the Australian states and territories and in New Zealand. It also provides information on total fire bans.

 The application gives users the ability to source information on incidents near them, using the 'Fires near Me' function. The 'Fires near Me' application is in trial, and as such its features may vary. The app initially centres the map on your current position. Allows you to choose another location, e.g. the destination for your weekend holiday, and centres on that location. Lets you know if there is a fire within 50 km of your location. Displays any fires within a 10 km radius of your location. Allows you to see a list of the bush fires from participating agencies, sorted by their proximity to your location--the closest being sorted to the top of the list. Tap on the fire and you will see some information about the fire. Tap on the arrow (>) and you will see the list of bush fires. Tap on the arrow (>) of a fire within the list of bush fires, you will see a screen of more details on that particular fire. Tap the map button from the Details page and the map page appears centred on that fire.
Published by NSW Rural Fire Service

Official App of the NSW Rural Fire Service. Provides information on current NSW RFS incidents as well as those attended by other agencies. Also includes information on fire bans and find 'Fires Near Me'
Published by NSW Rural Fire Service

With this App from Google you take short surveys, giving your opinion. After answering basic questions about yourself you get surveys once a week. You can be rewarded with Google Play credits for participating. Available in Australia.
Published by Google Inc.

An app for tracking your yearly kilometres against the FBT target for novated leasing of cars.
Published by Bradley G Hohn

This app shows points of interest around Canberra. Provides spatial Government datasets and services overlaid on a map. Current services include bus stops, public toilets, playgrounds, libraries, TAFE campuses, schools, public art, and public furniture.

Manage your amaysim mobile account from your phone - recharge by redeeming vouchers, using a debit or credit card. Switch plans and monitor usage.
Published by amaysim

MyFirePlan from the NSW RFS will help you prepare your home and family for bush fires. Prepare yourself and your home for a bush fire in NSW by completing your Bush Fire Survival Plan now. Your Plan can help stop you from making rushed and dangerous decisions at the last moment and provides information on how to better prepare for bush fire. T his application will guide you through the steps necessary to prepare your Bush Fire Survival Plan. The NSW Rural Fire Service encourages you to complete your plan with your family, so everyone knows what they will do if a fire starts. Sometimes, no matter how well prepared you are, things don’t go to plan. That’s why, whether you plan to Leave Early or Stay and Defend, you need a back-up plan. Planning to make a plan is not a plan. Within the application you can: Create a profile, Understand the fire risk in your area of NSW, Prepare your family with emergency contact numbers and an Emergency Survival Kit, Save emergency contact numbers to your phone, Prepare your property by completing a check list of tasks relevant to your home, Create your personalised Leave Early Plan by deciding where you’ll go, what you’ll take and what your triggers will be to leave, Create your Stay and Defend Plan by deciding what tasks you will complete when a fire is approaching your home and during a fire. Decide on back up routes, place of last resort and what you’ll do if it’s too late to leave in your Back Up Plan, and Get live Fire Danger Ratings for your area
Published by NSW Rural Fire Service

This app lets you control your Optus phone account - personal accounts, not business accounts though. You can view usage, recharge, pay bills and contact Optus Customer Care. Also includes features to activate or deactivate your voicemal and control international roaming.
Published by Optus Mobile Pty Ltd

This is a usage tracking app for Vodafone customers. Allows users to view their account usage, recent bills, check account details and find their nearest store. If you're a Prepaid customer this app simply links you to the mobile version of the My Vodafone web app where you log in. If you're a Postpaid customer you can do all this stuff in the app itself.

New from the ACT Emergency Services Agency in Oct 2014, this app helps you prepare for the threat of bushfire. It allows you to create a bushfire survival plan to make important decisions that you need to make well before you are actually threatened by a bushfire. You plan can help protect the lives of your family and assists you in preparing your home to survive the threat of bushfire. The app guides you through the process, with the completed plan stored on your device ready to be activated when needed. Includes live fire danger ratings for your area, this app is a great step towards helping you understand your bushfire risk.

This unofficial app has all the links to the NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) that you might need - website, Facebook, Twitter and other contact information.
Published by Easy HR

This app lets you recharge your Optus account directly from your phone. You can check your prepaid balance, top-up with specific amounts, including the ability to top-up up to 5 mobiles, so it's not just limited to the device that you're running the app on. You do need to register a Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card to recharge.
Published by Zapt

This app lets you check which mobile network a mobile number is hosted on.
Published by aokeee

This utility app will take a latitude and longitude value pair and calculate the GDA - Geocentric Datum of Australia equivalent value.
Published by Reservateur

If your mobile is on the 3 network this app can be used to prevent it roaming onto the Telstra network when you are outside of their 3 Mobile Service area. Only for users on the 3 mobile network. Read the full description to understand why you need this and what the limitations are.
Published by Ritesh Sahu

A new app from Telstra that lets customers manage their accounts from their phone. You first need to visit to link services to your account. Once this is done then view this app you can view you current and past bill summaries. Monitor your estimated usage, pay bills. Telstra NextG customers will not incur data usage for this app (in Australia). Locate your nearest Telstra store. Only works with Personal Telstra accounts currently.

This widget will display your data usage if you're a Telstra customer. Only works when connected to the Telstra mobile network - does not work on your home Wi Fi for example. Unofficial, but works well.
Published by Scott Vandonkelaar

Usage Widget for Telstra - covers PostPaid, PrePaid, Corporate, Mobile and Landline. Allows the user to automatically disable mobile data using APNdroid (separate app) when a configured limit is reached.
Published by SteelBytes

An App for monitoring your mobile phone usage with TPG
Published by Peggy Kuo

Allows you to monitor TPG mobile plan charges - PAYG plans not supported.
Published by Thomas Pongrac

An app for monitoring usage on Virgin Mobile. Supports Postpaid and Prepaid plans but does not support roll over or multiple accounts. Allows you to receive a warning about data usage being too high, retrieve your most recent bills and a widget to ensure you can quickly monitor your usage
Published by Joshua Henderson

Designed for Vodafone & 3 customers this app allows you to make the most of your included free calls. It helps you manage and control your account by letting you know which of your mates are on Vodafone and 3.