Apps by Category - Media & Video

This app lets you listen to Adelaide based radio station Fresh 92.7 on your phone. In addition to live radio you can share the track that is currently playing via Android's sharing feature (so with any app that can hook into the Share menu), or email it to yourself.

While a global App, Google Play Movies and TV are available for purchase in Australia. Use this app to watch your favourite movies and shows on your Android device, or on your TV via a Chromecast. Supports offline viewing.
Published by Google Inc.

Android App for controlling LG Smart TVs sold in Australia.
Published by LGElectronics

This app allows you to view Foxtel on the go - only works on the Telstra Next G network (not WiFi) and requires a subscription. But if that's your thing, then have a look at this as there are over 28 Foxtel channels available for you to watch. Plans include a day pass rather than a monthly subscription. Check out all the terms and conditions.

This app allows you to use your Android phone as a remote for a Telstra T-Box. The T-Box is a set-top box that plugs into a BigPond connection and delivers Free to Air TV. With the app you can change channels, control the volume, navigate menu itms and more. Your phone needs to be running on the same network (i.e. Wi-Fi) as the T-Box and powered on for this app to work.

This App is allows you to stream in-flight entertainment to your Android device while flying with Virgin Australia. Covers movies, TV shows, radio and music. No support for getting onto the flight itself - i.e. boarding pass, flight times etc. It's all about what happens once you're on the plane.
Published by Lufthansa Systems AG